Frequently Asked Questions

How much does therapy cost?

The fee is negotiated in the initial consultation. My standard fee for individuals is £70 per session and £90 for couples. Fees are paid at the end of the month by bank transfer.

How long will it last?

Psychotherapy is usually done on an open-ended basis and you complete when you feel ready. 

Counselling to address a specific issue can be contracted to take place over a shorter period of time, such as six months to a year.

What if I want to cease treatment?

You are under no legal obligation to continue beyond the current session, but working through the feelings and issues connected with endings is a very important part of the therapeutic process. It is, therefore, advisable to allow an amount of time proportionate to the overall length of the therapy for this to happen.

What if I cancel or fail to show up for a session?

You have to pay for missed sessions. If sufficient notice is given it may be possible to rearrange, but this cannot be guaranteed. The regularity and continuity of sessions is a core element in the psychotherapeutic process.

Will counselling or psychotherapy make me unhappy?

If a therapy progresses well you will become aware of unresolved pain and loss as well as introducing you to aspects of self that you have not previously been willing to face. You may feel you are regressing as you become aware of mental states associated with distressing past life experiences. Working through these problematic feelings within the safety and support of a therapeutic relationship can enable you to develop the inner resources to live a more satisfying life.